Students of New Horizon Secondary School Showcase Curriculum Innovations

On 14th October, 2023, students of New Horizon Secondary and Vocational SS in Mukono showcased the project work that they developed based on the new Lower Secondary Curriculum which is competence based.

The competency-based curriculum is a learner-centred approach that promotes critical thinking, creativity, communication and innovation.

The work of the learners exhibited a broad range of works in the areas of aquaculture, carpentry, textile, metal work, coffee brewing, among others.

Mr Wilson Saabavuma, a Curriculum Specialist at the National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC), commended the school for embracing the new lower secondary curriculum.

“What we see at this school is very promising. It shows us that the school has embraced the design of the new curriculum and have appreciated what the curriculum set out to achieve under competency-based learning,” he explained during an interview.

The students said they were confident that the knowledge and skills acquired from the projects would enable them to start their own business.